neebex was founded in 2012 in Bogotá’s historic center, Colombia. In 2019, we open a new space in Bogotá’s Arts District, San Felipe.

Since 2012, we have organized more than 60 individual shows, 30 collective exhibitions, performance cycles, workshops and annual events.

We love what makes us think, laugh, what puts us out of our comfort zone, nonsense.

We love entropy, unachieved things, and states of transition we cannot totally understand.

Our curatorial team focus on giving an impulse to young and emerging artists and curators with alternative contemporary projects, giving them a national and international visibility and supporting their artistic carrier.

neebex participated in art fairs like : Odeón 2014, 2015 and 2017, Pinta Miami 2017 and JustMAD (Madrid) 2018.

San Felipe: Calle 75 # 22-30

Candelaria: Carrera 3 # 12-42