Current exhibition: PIW + 3 [Where is my home]


PIW + 3 [Where is my home]
Opening: Thursday, December 21st | 6:00 pm
21/12/2017 – 18/01/2018

A lot of urban people have built their home as a web of rural and urban world views and simultaneously dwell in both imaginary. Thus, we inhabit this city monstrously large with diffuse boundaries that merge into rurality where landscapes, homes and traditional means of production live on.
This juxtaposed landscape is part of our life experience and of our interior landscape. We may not feel at home in any of the two ways of living and therefore we find ourselves in an unresolved simultaneity where we remember that there are two spaces or two forms of life that interfere with us, two places that are quite ours -but also alien- that make us what we are.

The white room presents an exploration from the formal of the interior (inside) between urban and rural and its exteriorization from organic and geometric figures. Cayé’s work explores from the digital the organic forms that pulsate, as the earth pulsates; The work of La Cuervo refers to the city through the geometric structures that characterize the urban.

The dialogue of the works presented in the black room evokes the simultaneity, sometimes harmonious, sometimes dissonant of the rural and the urban in our lives. The work of Andrés Felipe Pardo Fuquen, “Vigilente”, demonstrates the static and yet fertile nature of the rural landscape; “I came to Bogotá because they told me that here …”, by Jaime Carvajal, brings to mind the noise of the city in which we do not stop as everyday. Thus, the juxtaposition of these two landscapes embodies one of the ambiguities in which we live.

Laura Giraldo Hoyos / Diana Vélez Olivera

Cayé / La Cuervo / Jaime Carvajal / Andrés Felipe Pardo Fuquen


Past editions of PIW
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+1 [Progress In Work] (2015 / Curated by Saahira Rodríguez)
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Photography: Yorely Valero.

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