Upcoming exhibition: ‘A Week with Christie’ by Daniel Poveda

25/01/2018 – 16/03/2018
Opening: Thursday, Jan 25th, 6:00pm

The modern conception of fetish has been around the western culture from the interpretations given to the cult of objects as gods, going through pathologies in the delight of intimate garments or particular values ​​granted to objects produced under a capitalist order. A Week with Christie can combine all these notions alluding to the contemporary market of art under the sign BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Submission, Masochism), which comes from those practices of desire with marked power roles where pain is involved as pleasure, the ecstasy by asphyxia, life and death in a hilt, among others. Thus, in this project, art becomes an instrument and a subject, the support of a divergent desire, suggesting new satisfactions/restraints, asking: Who dominates who/what when art is a fetish and the transactions amount to trillions of dollars in bidding sessions? Whose is the encrypted scream that goes through all the action and seems to shout once and again: HIT ME!!?

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