Invenio is an itinerant project initiated for the France-Colombia year in 2017, curated by Estefanía Gracia and Jessica Vastel. It is conceived as a space of encounter through the art creations of French and Colombian artists.
Invenio means to meet, to discover, but also to invent and to know. With bidimensional and tridimensional works, visitors are confronted to this encounter and can see the daily life in these two countries in a renovated way. Workshops and talks with the artists. will be organized during the exhibition.

November 17th to December 14th. Opening: November 17th, 11am-5pm
New address: Calle 37 # 15-78, Teusaquillo.



Claire Pointud
Estefanía Gracia
Jessica Vastel
Juliana Góngora
Julien Sirven
Margaret Mariño
Natalia Pérez
Nathalie Buenaventura
Nicolás Navas
Tiphaine Nicoleou
Walter Castro

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