‘Topographical Concerns’ | Mónica Llorente

Topographical Concerns points to the creation of a pictorial reality based on experience, that is, of the reality understood as the everyday life in which the artist collects images from different sources: newspapers, magazines, internet and some others are captured while observing her surroundings. Some of these images are objectified in the necessary impressions becoming a documentation that is observed and reinterpreted from the painting (or the pictorial work), like trying to discover and describe a terrain.
Mónica’s paintings are structuring her attempt to understand this everyday nature, her interest to condense in a two-dimensional plane the fragments of that daily life that permeate and soak through the body, although emphasizing that it is continuously an unfinished process in which are intermingled in a way of a superposition and/or juxtaposition, the relationships between natural/artificial and personal life/artistic practice.

October 19th to November 10th.

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