(((iiiyyyzzziiiyyyzzz))) feminist reprogramming device.


September 14th to October 6th, 2017

(((iiiyyyzzziiiyyyzzz))) is an onomatopoeia to mark a case of tinnitus (perception of noises / buzzing in the head) induced by the feminist movement that could be considered a vibration, a tremor, an earthquake. It is an onomatopoeia of the sound produced by the tuning of the radio, of the exchange of wave frequencies, of the resistances in tension, of the circuit bending, of the pornopunk which in its transmission searches directly the pineal gland.
This tinnitus, a perceptual phenomenon, begins and continues during the reading of radical texts that introduces a technological-prosthetic and futuristic vision of feminism (Judith Butler, Virginie Despentes, Donna Haraway, Paul B. Preciado), and during the observation of works and graphic pieces of the same character.

The works and documents in this exhibition are inscribed or circulate in an analysis, whether critical or not, transversal or tangential, of the feminine understood as a “sociocultural construction, a representation, or better yet, the effect of the crossing of the discursive and visual representations which emanate from the different institutional devices: the family, the religion, the educational system, the media, the medicine or legislation; but also from less obvious sources such as language, art, literature, cinema and theory” (Teresa de Lauretis), thus forming a device to destabilize our belief system and reconfigure it.

(((iiiyyyzzziiiyyyzzz))) is a feminist reprogramming device.


Juan Betancurth / Paintbrush
Falon Cañón and Huntertexas / FETICHISMO LO-FI
Sergio Ferro / RESISTANCE says la negra
Aily Habibi (collaboration with Taís Lobo) / The Sexorcism of Aily Habibi
Daniel Poveda / To Emma Reyes and her Memoirs, Sor Zero, Sor Pion
Verónica Valencia / Making up

curated by: Andrea Muñoz.


Photography: Yorely Valero

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