ELEMENTAL: Construction-Deconstruction of a Territory

19.05.2017 – 16.06.2017

This exhibition addreses the earth as a basic component of any matter and its transformation through different situations and objects made by the human being. Therefore, the earth is the main subject to build and to deconstruct.

The earth is modeled, industrialized and objectified according to a specific desire with political-aesthetic dyes that constantly talk about a cyclical process of the human being: the journey, the discovery, the delimitation, the occupation, the maintenance or the desertion of a territory that takes in the physical and the symbolic.

Six young artists from Manizales (a small city located in the center of the country), participate in this curatorial approach: Manuela Jaramillo, Dylan Quintero, Julio César Ríos, Daniel Rodríguez, Andrés Suárez y Sonnia Yepez.

Curated by: Andrea Muñoz.



Photography: Yorely Valero.

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