January 31th to February 28th 2019
Opening: January 31th  | 6PM
neebex gallery: Calle 37 # 15-78


“I’ve not always been like I am now, I’ve not always reacted like that, one day I learned the meaning of this and that, one day I saw someone getting angry and enjoy for this and that, and I too got angry and enjoyed for this and that. Posessed by imperative fears and desires, I started to think : Why do this have so much power over me? Why somebody isn’t disturbed by this, and is by something else?

I followed the theard that lead me to this point, and arrived in front of a child who doesn’t know who he is, and to whom someone explains his place in the world, but not with words. This person the meaning of things as they once explained to him, I saw this child and didn’t know whether he was shaped or unshaped.

UNSHAPED, is a series of paintings related to some of the culturals themes defining the development and the construction of the personnality, centered around the figure of the child representing this innocent letting himself shape by external stimulations. This series uses paintings, as this language gives all that is necessary to express the visceral feelings and the emotions of someone  observing his own jail.

Quick traits, thick textures ans vibrating colours configure these images claiming like shouting the attention of a public who forgets starting to respect the beliefs that manage their existence.”







January 31th to February 28th 2019
Opening: January 31th  | 6PM
neebex gallery: Calle 37 # 15-78 (2nd floor)




This project aims to explore the concept of adaptation through a set of pieces that come together in different locations, adapting to architecture and other elements and materials present on the walls and the space. As the piece is influenced by it’s location it expands and contracts in a search for new connections, transformations and expansions; while maintaining a set of rules regarding the simplicity and repetition of the brushstrokes, the color palette and the materials that keep the pieces attached to each other and to the wall. So far neebex is the third space where the piece has come together; therefore during the intervention at neebex the space will be a sort of artist studio.


2018 – 2019

Variable measurements

Oil, acrylic, canvas, paper, duct tap, staples, threads, paper tape, surgical tape.


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